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Inspired by Bluebeard, Beauty & The Beast, and Rapunzel, (along with one or two others), The Rift Bride is a reverse harem gothic romance about a 24-year-old protagonist. This volume is a much faster burn featuring age gap romance, homicidal MMCs, jealous/possessive love, groveling, M/M interactions, an HFN ending in an HEA series, and just the right amount of angst to balance out the very steamy scenes! 18+

This series is by and large about VILLAINS who will get their happy ending, so be forewarned! Plot content can be dark and triggers include sadism, bondage, gunplay, kidnapping, beast-form interactions, reproductive elements, mild predator/prey scenarios and multi-partner activities, as well as surprise pregnancy, runaway bride, and surprise pseudo-incest tropes. Once again: this series is about villains, and villains are complicated. Reader discretion is advised.